The Importance of Team Roles In Teamwork

Team Roles In Teamwork

Team roles for a football team

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Imagine this ridiculous scenario.  I want to create a winning NFL football team.  I believe the key to success is hiring the best athletes for my team. They should be strong. They must have a positive winning attitude.  They are intelligent (to recall the right play strategies).  Finally, they should be ‘team players’ that are obedient to the coach’s wishes of how best to deploy them in the game.  Guess what?  My team would fail miserably.  Why? Continue reading

10 Qualities of Good Decision Making

10 Qualities of Good Decision Making

People use a variety of terms to describe decisions.  Some of these terms (discussed previously) relate to the decision itself while other labels we use relate to the quality of the decision making process.  So it would seem from this (non-scientific and incomplete) list that people have some definite idea about the qualities of decision making whatever that decision might be.   I’ve identified 10 qualities of good decision making. Continue reading