Do Values Influence Strategic Decision Making?

How do values influence strategic decision making?

To paraphrase an old cliche, 95% of humans involved in strategic decision making are influenced by personal values, the other 5% are lying about it.  There’s no such thing as purely rational strategic decision making when humans are part of the process.  Whether strategic decision making occurs individually or as a group, personal values play a pivotal role.

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Ten Constructive Team Roles for Planning and Decision Making

 Ten Constructive Team Roles for Planning and Decision Making

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Just as a football team needs a variety of team roles in order to accomplish its mission of winning the game, business teams also need a variety of roles to accomplish their mission of better planning and decision making.  Consider using these ten constructive team roles for planning and decision making.

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The Importance of Team Roles In Teamwork

Team Roles In Teamwork

Team roles for a football team

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Imagine this ridiculous scenario.  I want to create a winning NFL football team.  I believe the key to success is hiring the best athletes for my team. They should be strong. They must have a positive winning attitude.  They are intelligent (to recall the right play strategies).  Finally, they should be ‘team players’ that are obedient to the coach’s wishes of how best to deploy them in the game.  Guess what?  My team would fail miserably.  Why? Continue reading