A Decision Dictionary of Labels Used For Decisions and Decision Making

Using a Decision Dictionary to Understand How We Describe Decisions and Decision Making

Source:  http://www.sxc.hu/profile/detstudioHave you ever been at a loss of words to describe how you feel about a decision or what you do or don’t like about the decision making process?  There are many ways to define or label a decision.  In my previous post, I listed many examples of labels we have used to describe and judge decisions and decision making.  What can we learn from describing decisions? What do they mean?  I created this decision making dictionary to share my thoughts on each one of these decision making labels. Continue reading

We’re Experts at Describing Decisions

We’re All Experts, Right?

Perhaps its a habit of human nature.  It seems we can’t resist the urge to offer our two cents about the quality of decision making in the world today.   Your church announces the selection of a new minister.  Your employer announces a decision to move to a new office.  Your mayor announces a decision to raise (or lower) property taxes.  Your parents have decided that in fact, you will not be getting the keys to the car this weekend.  The decision has been made! Continue reading