About The Light Touch

The Mission of Valerisys Consulting

Valerisys Consulting provides services to help organizations improve their business decisions.   This blog is devoted to sharing resources, insights, lessons learned, and ideas for improving decision making processes.

Our Vision of Decision Making

Help organizations make better decisions and make decisions better.  Help people achieve freedom, liberty, and responsibility to perform at their maximum by participating in decision making and becoming a decision maker at any level in the organization.

Our Philosophy of Decision Making

Organizations that adopt group decision making process that emphasize collaboration, transparency, and value sharing can increase effective decision making.  However, it the individual, who is given responsibility, authority, and accountability to make decisions, that is a key factor to developing leaders that are capable of making better overall decisions.  This philosophy is premised on the beliefs that:

  • Decision making is a learnable skill.  Everyone can become a better decision maker.
  • Judgement is a key leadership ingredient and is also a skill.  It is developed through repeated practice and regular review of decision making.
  • Decision making is a means to
    • ensure a pipeline of judgement talent
    • extract and share additional knowledge
    • increase empowerment of members
    • ignite engagement
    • achieve a larger sense of organizational and individual purpose
    • demonstrate alignment to the organization’s objectives and values